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I am a maintainer of the bsamGP R package for semiparametric additive models for (constrained) regression, generalized models and density estimation along with model selection procedures. Please refer to Journal of Statistical Software article for the package and the replication codes.

Predicted regression plot generated by bsamGP Estimated desnsity plot generated by bsamGP

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Ocean Heat Transport (OHT) Interpolation

Reproducible MATLAB code for OHT interpolation is accessible at the Github repository. Beginning with Argo float data from Global Data Assembly Centre, provided code allows you to filter data of your interest, estimate the mean and the covariance parameters of the latent local Gaussian process regression model, and generate estimated mean and anomaly fields of ocean heat transport.

Time averaged mean zonal heat transport in 10-900 dbar Averaged zonal heat transport anomaly at El Nino 3.4 region in 10-900 dbar